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TTY: 711
Available Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

UnitedHealthcare Community helps pregnant women, kids, families and adults get the care they need.

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Member Services

Each plan's Member Services can help you: find a doctor, learn about benefits, access services, file a complaint about a provider or appeal a denied service. All plans have a 24 hour Nurse Hotline to help you figure out if you need to go to the emergency room or learn about health issues. All health plans allow unlimited visits to in-network doctors, as needed.

Care management programs

All of the health plans have special programs to help members with chronic illness such as asthma, congestive heart failure, diabetes, hepatitis C, HIV, obesity and sickle cell anemia. If they do not have a program in place that fits your needs, they will work with you to create one. They also have programs for pregnant women with a high risk of problems during pregnancy and delivery.

Adult dental (21+)

Dental exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions and x-rays with in-network providers, up to $500 per year.*

Adult vision (21+)

Eye exam every two years (No co-pay)
$100 toward glasses or
$105 toward contacts (once every two years)

Rides to appointments

All health plans will set up a ride for members who don’t have a way to get to medical appointments. Stop at the pharmacy after your appointment to get medications.

Rewards for healthy living

All of the health plans offer rewards for healthy behaviors. Unless otherwise noted, rewards are available once a year per member in the form of a reward debit card or gift card.

Child well visits

$20 for yearly well visits (ages 1-17)
$20 for PCP visit within 90 days of enrollment

Adult well visit (21+)

$20 for a PCP visit within 90 days of enrollment

Wellness screenings

Childproofing kit or children's book for lead screening, birth–15 months* (Baby Blocks)

Diabetic screening

No extra services.

Other rewards

Bath set or soft puzzle for well visit at 15 months* (Baby Blocks)
$10 for completed health assessment within 90 days of enrollment
Digital thermometer or rubber duck bath thermometer at birth of child (Baby Blocks)*

Adult pain management

Members over 21 will be provided 6 visits per year to an in-network chiropractor.

Pregnancy reward program

Baby Blocks™


Prenatal exams

Nursing cover or teething rattle at prenatal visit at 24 weeks* (Baby Blocks)
First Aid Kit or tabletop toy for a prenatal visit at 32 weeks* (Baby Blocks)

Postpartum exam

$20 or Fisher Price sorting blocks for postpartum visit* (Baby Blocks)

Other pregnancy rewards

$20 or diaper bag when a member enrolls in Baby Blocks*
Healthy Pregnancy Care Book provided to pregnant women and new mothers regarding baby care and healthy pregnancies resource that promotes the safety, health and well-being for babies and mothers.

Extra pregnancy benefits

No extra services.

Community programs

All health plans offer sponsorships and/or mini-grants for community organizations and members in need.*

Pharmacy copays

There are no copays for children, pregnant women, family planning supplies, members in the hospital, members of a home and community based waiver, women who have Medicaid due to breast or cervical cancer, members getting hospice services, Native American or Alaska Native members. For others, if the medicine is: 
$10 or less = $0.50 copay
$10.01 - $25 = $1 copay
$25.01 - $50 = $2 copay
Over $50 = $3 copay

Over the counter (OTC) medications

Available with a prescription and co-pay

Adult weight management

No extra services.

Pediatric weight management program

Jump Start Your Health - offers guidance and a step-by-step plan to help you start to get healthy. The program provides what is needed in the first 30 days, exercise programs, and healthy eating.

Asthma benefits

No extra services.

Other benefits

Doctor Chat app - If your doctor is unavailable and you have a non-emergency problem, skip the ER and urgent care and chat with a doctor in minutes. With the UHC Doctor Chat app, you can connect to a doctor wherever you are at any time. And there’s no cost to you. To get the UHC Doctor Chat app, download it to your mobile device and register your account. Doctors are available
to chat through the app 24/7.

*Please contact the health plan for eligibility requirements and details for this benefit.