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All Healthy Louisiana health plans offer the same basic services as Medicaid or LaCHIP. These include well-child visits, pregnancy care through delivery, medical transportation, prescription drugs, mental health services, and substance use treatment.

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Adult dental (21+)
  • $500 per year with in-network providers for dental exam & cleaning twice a year, fillings, extractions, and x-rays once a year, if qualify
Adult vision (21+)
  • Eye exam with no copay
  • $100 yearly for corrective eyewear
Adult wellness
  • $15 for completing yearly wellness exam, ages 21+
  • $15 for completing breast cancer screening, ages 50-74
  • Up to $150 in acupuncture pain management services and up to 3 chiropractic visits per year, ages 21+
  • Home environmental assessments and low-cost interventions to address asthma triggering conditions and self-management
Care management programs
  • Chronic illness such as asthma, congestive heart failure, diabetes, hepatitis C, HIV, obesity, sickle cell anemia
  • High-risk pregnancy
Child wellness
  • $30 for completing all 6 well-child visits, birth-15 months
  • $15 for completing yearly wellness exam, ages 2-20
  • Ted E. Bear child weight management program for MD Club participants with nutritional sessions and weight checks
  • $50 credit to pay for after school participation in program, including but not limited to, Boys and Girls Club, 4-H, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, or Big Buddy, ages 5-16
  • $50 for completing all: dilated eye exam and blood test for LDL, A1C and kidney disease for members diagnosed with diabetes
Member services
  • Help to find a doctor, learn about benefits, and access services
  • Help to file a complaint or appeal denied service
  • 24-hour Nurse Hotline
  • Unlimited visits to in-network doctors
Over the counter (OTC) medications
  • With prescription and copay
  • $25 monthly per household for OTC vitamins and health products, if qualify
Pharmacy copays
  • No copays for children, pregnant women, family planning supplies, members in the hospital, members of a home and community-based waiver, women who have Medicaid due to breast or cervical cancer, members getting hospice services, Native American or Alaska Native members
  • For others, if the medicine is:
    • $10 or less = $0.50 copay
    • $10.01 - $25 = $1 copay
    • $25.01 - $50 = $2 copay
    • Over $50 = $3 copay
  • Pregnancy reward Maternity Matters
  • $25 for 1st prenatal visit in 1st trimester
  • $50 for completing a Notice of Pregnancy form in first trimester
  • $10 for each prenatal visit after first visit during pregnancy, up to 10 visits
  • 50 for completing all 17P injections, if qualify
  • $50 for completing postpartum visit with provider up to 6 weeks after delivery
  • Welcome kit with diaper bag, pack of diapers, and other baby related items plus materials on baby care and healthy pregnancy resources for safety, health, and well-being of babies and mothers
  • Case of baby diapers for newborn supplied at follow up after live birth
  • Ride to medical appointments with stop at pharmacy for medications
  • Healthy living rewards debit or gift cards
  • Semi-automatic blood pressure monitor, if qualify
  • Job skills courses, if qualify
  • HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) certification, if qualify
  • 2 home-delivered meals a day for up to 14 days after discharge for post-acute care, if qualify
  • $10 for one medication refill every 6 months for high blood pressure, ADHD, or antipsychotic
  • $5 for getting yearly flu shot
  • Sponsorships and mini grants for community organizations and members in need, if qualify