Start getting care

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Here’s when you can start getting care with Healthy Louisiana:

As soon as you qualify for Medicaid or LaCHIP

You can start getting health care services as soon as you or your family members qualify for Medicaid or LaCHIP.

After you are in a Healthy Louisiana health plan

After you are in Healthy Louisiana and join a health plan, you can call your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to make an appointment if you need care. If you have questions about your care, call your health plan. When you go to an appointment, take your Medicaid card and your new health plan ID card with you.

If you choose a health plan
You will get a letter from Healthy Louisiana confirming your health plan.  It will list your health plan and PCP, if you chose one. The letter will tell you when you can start using the plan and seeing your doctors.

If you do not choose a health plan
We will choose a health plan for you. You will get a letter telling you the name of your plan. The letter will also tell you the date you can start using the health plan services. For questions call Healthy Louisiana at 1-855-229-6848 (TTY: 1-855-526-3346).

You will also get a letter and a plan ID card from your health plan
Take your ID card to all your medical visits. If you have questions about health plan services or about providers, call your health plan.