Changing your primary care provider (PCP) or primary dental provider (PDP)

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Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and Primary Dental Provider (PDP)

When you apply for Healthy Louisiana, you will choose a health plan and a dental plan and may choose a PCP and PDP for each family member who has Medicaid or LaCHIP. 

Your PCP is the doctor, nurse practitioner, or clinic that gives you health care. Your PDP is the dentist or clinic that gives you dental care. Your PCP and PDP will get to know you and your health care and dental care needs. Your PCP and PDP will give you most of your health and dental care, keep your records, and send you to specialists when you need them. 

How to change your PCP or PDP:

You can change your PCP if you want to. To change PCPs, call your health plan. 

You can also change your PDP. To change PDPs, call your dental plan. 

For a list of the health and dental plan phone numbers go to the Contacting your plan page.